The CLAY Project

About the Project

The primary objective of CLAY is to raise the awareness of future generations about less waste and circular economy. Through formal and informal training, young people will be encouraged to participate in circular economy activities. Circular economy stands for a paradigm shift towards sustainability, where not only the producers but also the consumers apply a totally circular, zero-waste mindset.

CLAY will create an online platform that will enable young people to gain awareness on recycling and enable them to collaborate on this issue through the virtual network. Hard and soft copy training materials such as books, videos and a website on circular economy awareness will be developed to be used in parallel activities with this platform. Thus, this project aims to increase the awareness and the willingness of the young people to move towards a more circular economy which could deliver opportunities including reduced pressures on the environment, enhanced security of supply of raw materials, increased competitiveness, innovation, growth and jobs.

The main target group of the project is young people aged between 16-25.