Training 2000 (Italy) is an adult education and training organisation certified for regional training (VET), with experience in education and training in different sectors. Staff members are experienced in participating and promoting EU projects under ERASMUS+ and other programs and have experiste in the development of innovative training methodologies (including e-learning, ICT tools and social media), competence and community development. Training 2000 is also the co-founder of the international Networks for Quality Course Organisers “GINCO”.





ProEduca z.s. (Czech Republic) is a small private association of professional teachers providing services to schools and non-profit organizations in education. ProEduca has worked in 16 different projects aimed at improving the educational system during the last 10 years, that targeted various issues in education such as curricula modification and development of new training programs for specific target groups (e.g. senior learners, unemployed people, teachers, employers, young people etc.). The main topics ProEduca has tackled during the last years include environment and climate change, cultural diversity and awareness, sustainable consumption and production (especially in relation to Industry 4.0) and social problems of the EU society related to the ageing population.



Established in 2015, SBTC Consulting (Turkey) has been serving as a consulting company since 2019. The company’s main field of activity consists of project management, training and consultancy, software solutions and business intelligence. SBTC provides the following integrated, custom-made services to its customers: business consulting and support, improvement of professional skills, organizational support and production, transfer of innovation and know-how, project planning, submission and management. Also, SBTC ahs expertise in information technology applications to facilitate learning and entrepreneurial processes. The company offers consultancy services in various fields, such as EU projects (Horizon 2020, National Agency, etc.), TÜBİTAK projects, grants and supports provided by KOSGEB and the Ministry of Economy.



bit management Beratung GmbH (Austria) is part of bit group, which is the largest private training provider in Austria. Since 1996 , the company has been active in the consulting and training sector and succesfully managed and completed many international projects. The main focus of business is on the following areas: national and international projects, consulting and training in the field of environment and sustainability, training and consulting services in the field of entrepreneurship, result-oriented, tailormade trainings in the fields of personality development, leadership, team development, HR-management, sales, project management, logistics and an academy for nursing and health.